Mayor Linda Lucassen

Finance Department​

Tax Levy  

Tax Levy Ordinance 23-14

For the Fiscal Year beginning MAY 1, 2023 and ending APRIL 30, 2024
     adopted by the President and Board of Trustees November 21, 2023 

Tax Levy Ordinance 22-14

For the Fiscal Year beginning MAY 1, 2022 and ending APRIL 30, 2023
     adopted by the President and Board of Trustees December 6, 2022 

Tax Levy Ordinance 21-20

For the Fiscal Year beginning MAY 1, 2021 and ending APRIL 30, 2022

     adopted by the President and Board of Trustees December 7, 2021     


Appropriate Ordinance

The Village of Round Lake Park has adopted the Appropriation Ordinance System in lieu of the Optional Budget System.

​2023 Appropriation Ordinance 23-09

2022 Appropriation Ordinance 22-07

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) Information

IMRF Employee Compensation Notification   

5ILCS 120/7.3(a)


Prevailing Wage:  Note: Public Act 100-1177, which amended the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (Act), went into effect on June 1, 2019. The Act governs the wages of all laborers, workers and mechanics who perform work on public works projects by any public body, which includes municipalities. Among other changes, municipalities are no longer required to pass an ordinance or resolution establishing prevailing rates of wages. ​​

In 2019, the Illinois General Assembly passed Public Act 101-0504. The law requires IMRF to post certain employer cost and participation information on its website. IMRF will update these reports annually.

  • Employer Contribution Amounts: The amount of employer contributions each employer made from 1/1/1995 to present (searchable spreadsheet)
  • Employer Contribution Rates: Each employer's contribution rates for the current year and one year after (searchable spreadsheet)
  • Participating Employers: A list of all employers and the date each employer joined IMRF (searchable spreadsheet)
  • Employer Resolutions: Required participation resolutions for employers that joined on or after 1/1/1995 (searchable PDF)

The Illinois Pension Code requires IMRF employers that have a website to include a link to this web page, no later than January 1, 2021.            IMRF LINK

Annual Financial Report for the Year Ending April 30, 2022      Click Here

    Presented at the November 1, 2022 Board Meeting.

Annual Financial Report For the Year Ending April 30, 2021      Click Here

      Presented at the December 14, 2021 Committee of the Whole Meeting