The Department of Public Works responds to issues regarding:

  • Missing or damaged street signs 
  • ​Fallen trees or branches in the public right-of-way
  • Street maintenance 
  • ​Maintenance of Village grounds
  • Emergency sewer and water issues ​​

For emergencies such as a water main break or a sewer back-up please call the Non-Emergency Dispatch Center at (847) 270-9111.

Only You Can Prevent Runoff Pollution 

Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff is committed to serving you. Should you have questions or concerns relating to Public Works, feel free to contact us.

Are you experiencing a sewer backup? Call Public Works first!

If you are experiencing a sewer backup, contact the Public Works Department or the VIllage Hall during regular business hours, and for after hours, call the non-emergency police telephone number at 847-270-9111, before you call a plumber.  Public Works personnel will be sent to your location to assess the problem. If the blockage is in the city's sewer main line, the city will take corrective action as quickly as possible.
If the blockage is in your line (that portion from the building to the sewer main line), you will be requested to call a plumber to clear your building's service.  In this instance, all necessary repairs and restoration are the responsibility of the homeowner.

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As stormwater flows over driveways, lawns, & sidewalks, it picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, & other pollutants. Stormwater can flow into a storm sewer system or directly to a lake, stream, river, wetland, or coastal water. Anything that enters a storm system is discharged untreated into the waterways we use for swimming, fishing, & providing drinking water. Polluted runoff is the nation's greatest threat to clean water. 

By practicing healthy household habits, homeowners can keep common pollutants like pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, grass clippings, & automotive fluids off the ground and out of stormwater. Adopt these healthy household habits and help protect our lakes, streams, rivers, & wetlands. 

As we all know summer rains can be anything from a gentle rain to a downpour. That is why it is very important to follow directions on fertilizer you are using. Putting down fertilizer at the wrong time or over spreading it on sidewalks or driveways is a waste of money and more importantly, bad for the environment. Spreading fertilizer right before a heavy rain can wash it all away, leaving your lawn with no food. The other more important thing that happens is the fertilizer gets washed away and taken to places it should never be. When fertilizer ends up in creeks and rivers it causes damage to the natural habitat of everything that lives there. 

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The Public Works Department is a behind the scenes team that keeps the Village operating. The most noticeable operations of the department include maintaining water, wastewater, and storm drainage systems, cleaning up vacant lots, and keeping the streets maintained and clear of ice and snow. The services the Public Works Department provides are an integral part of our citizens’ everyday lives. The delivery of their services is key to maintaining and improving the quality of life for our residents and businesses. 

Department of Public Works  

Staff Contact 

Scott Firnbach 

Public Works Superintendent

37 Porter Drive Round

Lake Park, Illinois 60073

(847) 270-3090

(847) 546-3715

Monday through Friday 

7AM - 3PM

Mayor Linda Lucassen